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Ligurian Air is a Virtual Company which was born January 10, 2014 in Liguria (Italy). The initial Idea came from the minds of the two Ligurian guys Luca Corso and Stefano Balistreri. Everything become true only through the collaboration of Roberto Gandolfo. Ligurian Air was initially a small regional airline, but after some time, it has become a bigger reality due to the commitment of the staff and also the good turnouts by its Pilots. The first achievement reached by our company was the IVAO Official Virtual Airlines Certification which arrived on 28 March 2014. Starting from 08 April 2014 the Company has improved its ACARS System with VAFS (Virtual Airline Financial System) which allowed (and still allows) to manage Pilots, Hubs, Routes, Fleet and Virtual Finances. Nowadays Ligurian Air boasts more than 12,000 Routes (Split into 16 Hubs), more than 30 aircrafts from the small Cessna 172 to the Queen Boeing 748 and it counts more than 25 Pilots.

  1. All Pilots must have an Active Account on IVAO (www.ivao.aero)

  2. All Pilots must have minimum 16 Years Old

  3. All Pilots must know English Aeronautical Phraseology

  4. All Pilots must now VFR and IFR Bases 

  5. All Pilots must know how to consult the Aeronautical Charts 

  6. All Pilots must know how to Decode a METAR and a TAF

  7. Every Pilots must know (at least) deep knowledge on one fleet aircraft (checklists and procedures)

  8. All Pilots must acknowledge and Accept the Regulations reported in Company Operational Manual

  9. All Pilots must send at leas 8 monthly Pireps with the VAFS Acars System

  10. Every Pilot must be Connected to Discord Company Channel when flight with "LGX" Callsign